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Working with Children, Adolescents & Adults

Children's Services

Our services for children recognize that childhood is an important time of discovery and wonder, and Advancing Abilities believes that the role of the therapist is to support and grow the child's abilities based upon that child's interests. This allows the child to develop into a successful, engaged adolescent and adult.

Your little one has only one childhood, so therapy must recognize the importance of creating memories and experiences that combine therapeutic best practices with warmth, nurturing, and creativity. Research supports therapy based upon interest, which helps to develop a child's internal drive to succeed.

In-Home Therapy

This therapy is done in the child's home environment to increase their ability to navigate their world and communicate their needs. Comprehensive assessments are conducted to determine your child's skill levels, interests, abilities, and needs. The therapist works with the child based upon a therapy plan designed by the treatment team, which includes the child and the family and others who are involved in the child's life. 

The team is directed by the Lead Therapist, Advancing Abilities Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our BCBA and Chief Clinical Officer, Rhonda J. Greenhaw, MA, BCBA, has advanced training and experience in addressing the specific needs of your child and is a national leader in the field of autism. The Lead Therapist works with the team to design an effective plan to create growth and success for your child.

In addition to the Lead Therapist, your Senior staff person meets with your child and the team on a weekly basis, spending many hours focused on your child's needs, training therapy staff, and providing direction for the daily navigation of your child's therapy.

Line staff are an important part of your child's team. These therapists work on a daily basis with your child, and carry out the plan designed by the Lead Therapist. They report directly to the Senior staff or Clinical Supervisor, who works with them to ensure that they understand the treatment plan, and know how to implement it in the exact way the Lead Therapist intends.

Every week, the Senior staff will meet with you and your line staff to talk about how you feel therapy is proceeding, guide them in their therapeutic practice, and ensure that your child's growth and development continues to have the best outcomes! The team will collect data that reflects your child's progress, and the Senior staff will review all of the data with you, so that you can make informed decisions as a valued member of the therapy team. 

Advancing Abilities believes that your child gains important skills and experiences when interacting with others. Our therapy is conducted in the natural environment, not shut off in a "special room." The family is an important part of our plan for growth, and you can be involved in your child's success! We encourage your child's siblings and playmates to participate in therapy, and we believe that experiences in the community help to develop your child's communication and social interaction skills in important ways.


Not every child needs intensive levels of therapy, and Advancing Abilities recognizes that some families just need consultations with a senior clinician who can provide support for on-going therapy, guidance for a particular issue that arises, or advice to get a family through a rough patch. These consultations can be as minimal as once a quarter (every three months), once a month, once a week, or tailored in some other way that meets the family's unique needs.

Sometimes the family may need support of a behavior analyst for an IEP meeting, to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment, family training and advice, or to help guide therapists that work for the family. Advancing Abilities has the expertise to assist families through important decisions and experiences. We enjoy conducting family training sessions, or working with your child's teacher, coach, church, boy or girl scout leader, or others to enable them to understand your child's needs and increase their ability to support your child as they participate in activities that enrich their lives.

Clinic-Based Services (Coming Soon!)

Having the option of conducting intensive-level or consulting-level services in a clinic-based setting provides many benefits to the family and the child. Children learn so much from their peers, and having a group setting provides many opportunities for gaining skills in social settings. The development of social expertise is a vital component for successful outcomes for children. Research supports inclusive experiences as a way of increasing their success in school and in the community.

Advancing Abilities Clinic-Based Services provides our therapy team the opportunity to work with your child in a natural environment setting, creating opportunities for growth that do not exist when your child's therapy is conducted in a self-contained setting.