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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has tremendous potential to transform the lives of Autistic adults and individuals with other differences. It can identify issues within the environment and create solutions, work to help adults build skills in needed areas, and teach others how to support the inclusion of adults with differences into important areas of life, such as college, employment, and independent living.

owever, when behavioral technologies and supports developed for pediatric populations are applied to adults, they can create tremendous problems for the people they are meant to support. Advancing Abilities of Wisconsin recognizes that adults have unique needs. Our programs are designed by a leading expert in adult disability, and work to help individuals with differences reach their full potential.

The first step is to set up an appointment for an evaluation. After that, a plan will be developed that is specific to the individual's interests, needs and goals, and which will set a course for improving the quality of life for adults and achieve success.

Vocational Skills Tier Program

These programs offer multidimensional support for integrating adults with differences into the world of employment. Each individual is assessed to determine their areas of interests and abilities, and to develop understanding regarding what barriers the person may face entering the workforce. Then a program is built for them that help them realize their potential! Each Tier in our Tier Program builds upon the skills developed in the previous Tier, and participants move their program at their own pace.

Tier I
Programs to enhance skills and build capacity are tailored to the individual's needs are offered in a 1:1 or group setting. Whether the individual needs support with social skills or guidance gaining understanding of the nuanced and complicated communication requirements inherent in the workplace, our programs will increase work-readiness, paving the way for the next phase of the program.

Tier II

When the participant is ready, supported employment options allow the individual to generalize their skill building to the worksite, increasing the individual's confidence and abilities. The Tier II Worksite has been specifically designed and supported to increase functional capacity and independence. The supervisors and staff at the worksite receive training from Advancing Abilities that allows them to enhance the participants experience and increase success. Job coaches provide support specific to the needs of the participant.

Tier III

The final phase of the Tier Program transitions the participant into the typical work setting. The job coach has advanced training which provides them with the skills to increase success as the job coach supports growing independence. The Tier Program provides the steps to help each participant achieve, bringing them closer to their ultimate goal of independent, paid employment.