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Working with Children, Adolescents & Adults

ABA with an
Emphasis on Empowerment

Advancing Abilities of Wisconsin provides applied behavioral analysis services to children, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum and those with other disabilities.

Started by an experienced ABA practitioner who is also the mother of an individual on the autism spectrum, Advancing Abilities of Wisconsin is a different kind of ABA provider! Rather than focus on deficits, our philosophy is that each person is unique, and that differences should be celebrated and supported.

By starting with interest-based programs, our services focus on scaffolding existing strengths and promoting personal development in ways that are meaningful for the individual, habilitative, and create growth opportunities.

Some ABA programs that focus on the faults and weaknesses of an individual have a different emphasis which many people on the autism spectrum and others find incredibly disabling and hurtful. Advancing Abilities of Wisconsin looks to empower people with disabilities and works with families, schools, employers and other aspects of the individual's life to create environments and support strategies that allow the person to develop and fulfill their dreams.
Advancing Abilities of Wisconsin
Rhonda J Greenhaw MA BCBA Chief Clinical Officer

Rhonda J. Greenhaw, MA, BCBA
Chief Clinical Officer

"With the right support, individuals with disabilities learn and grow, and develop meaningful lives as productive and vital members of their communities."

Rhonda J. Greenhaw, MA, BCBA, is a leading clinician in the field of autism. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and the former Director of the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism at Towson University and teaches Ethics at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in the graduate program for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ms. Greenhaw developed the Hussman Center into one of the largest university-based centers in the world  focused exclusively on the needs of adults with autism. Under her direction, the center served hundreds of young adults on the spectrum, along with providing thousands of hours of training to first responders, physicians, college administrators and students at Towson University, along with a host of others, regarding how to more fully support and engage with adults on the autism spectrum at home, in the work place and in the community. She is also the author of the chapter on adult autism in the text Frontiers in Autism Research, edited by Valerie Hu and published by World Scientific. She is also a Professional Fellow for the U.S. State Department through their Empowerment Project, through which she completed a diplomatic trip to Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia.

Ms. Greenhaw has also developed and delivered trainings on social participation on behalf of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities at the world renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute, has served on many boards, state-level policy making bodies, and national think tanks devoted to disability-related issues and best practices for individuals on the autism spectrum and other differences. Ms. Greenhaw was also featured on an interview on the nationally recognized podcast, The Inclusive Class.

She and her husband are also the proud parents of a daughter on the autism spectrum. Rhonda enjoys travel, and recently traveled to Indonesia to conduct research as a component of her work on her PhD in International Psychology. Her research involves examining cultural variation in autism and examines therapeutic practices and other experiences from the perspective of individuals on the spectrum.

She is a busy public speaker on the subject of autism, and provides many presentations at conferences and workshops. She is currently working on a book about ethical clinical practice with people on the autism spectrum.